Photoshop and Retouching Introduction

Certificate in Photography for Beginners

The first of three included tutorials focusing on photoshop and retouching, this tutorial will be essential in introducing you to the key tools and functions of Photoshop.  If you haven’t used a computer for this before you are not alone, aimed at the beginner I introduce the interface, the tools and basic adjustments.  Importantly we also look at storing your files and backing them up, no need to learn the hard way i encourage a professional digital workflow from the beginning.

  • Getting all your images onto your computer.
  • Using Flatbed scanners and Film scanners.
  • Re-photographing from a print.
  • Scanning old photographs from prints or film.
  • Sorting your images and editing.
  • Basic retouching including:
  • Auto Levels.
  • Undo.
  • Hue and Saturation.
  • Selective Colour.
  • Unsharp Mask.
  • Crop.
  • Clone Tool / Cloning and retouching Skin.
  • Colour / Black and White.
  • Save As.
  • Image Size for Print / Web.
  • Saving your images tiff  /jpg.
  • Save for the Web and optimising your images.
  • Storing your images and backing up your files.
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