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Study photography online with the web's most popular online photography courses designed for beginners to advanced amateurs.  You can master your DSLR for as low as $65 per tutorial.  These photography courses will prepare you for a career as a freelance photographer. You will be tutored directly by the Author and award winning photographer David Ewing.  David adopts a very hands on approach giving real life examples to make learning fun and relevant.  Student support is available with questions answered within 24 hrs.  Flexible payment options are available, enquire about our referral program for further discounts and offers.

Certificate in Digital Photography for Beginners.

Our Certificate in Digital Photography for Beginners is designed for students that have little to no experience with using a DSLR camera. The course will teach you to confidently master the manual controls of your camera. You will also get a profound understanding of lighting, composition and how to retouch your photographs. This online photography course comes in ten in depth tutorials with ten interactive assignments.  Once you complete each assignment you return it for detailed feedback.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography.

Our Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography is designed for the advanced amateur that has a good understanding of their DSLR. This course will develop your skills to a higher level where you can realistically turn your love of photography into a part-time or full time career. This course covers shooting as a professional photographer, making money from stock photography and also mastering advanced Photoshop techniques. This course includes beautiful example images to practice techniques like time lapse photography, stop motion.  This course features easy to follow videos to clearly explain advanced techniques over ten exciting tutorials and interactive assignments.


Janet - Was so excited in receiving my first corrected assignment.
Beginners Digital Photography

Good afternoon David,

You were really quick at returning this to me, thank you. I found your notes very constructive and I am open to all your advice re the transgression of being a "happy snapper" into becoming a "photographer". Was surprised to see that I had done so well but I think in these early learning days you are being less critical and very encouraging which stimulates students like myself to only do better in the next submission. Having written day I hope to knock-your-socks off with my camera skills (that you will be teaching me!).

The effect that light has on the exposure and composition of an image is more involved than I had ever imagined and I want to learn how I can manipulate its magic to producestunning images, natural or artificial. However, the more I read, the more fascinating and intriguing (harder) it is to manage successfully. 

Your course is inspiring, challenging and very rewarding. You will be happy to know that I am finally changing my camera setting from, wait for it.... auto to semi manual. Never thought I would see the day. Thank you.

Hope your day goes smoothly. Look forward to working on my next assignment.

Have a great day, Janet 

Janet,  Narre Warren  Vic 3805 

Sharon F, Queensland - I have my own photography business!
Advanced Digital Photography

"I really enjoyed the course. I learnt so much and am thankful for the excellent support I got from my tutor. I gained lots of confidence and the course enabled me to identify my weaknesses and develop my strengths.

I have won awards in shows, been paid for my photographs, and my photographs are being exhibited in galleries. What's more, I now have my own photography business shooting portraits, weddings and specialist animal photography.

My career is never ending and I learn something new every day. Photography opened my eyes beyond the imaginary. I am so thoroughly enjoying my rewarding and fulfilling career.

Julie D, Aust
Beginners Digital Photography

Hi David, I was very excited to receive your feedback and responses to my questions so quickly. A big thank you for your prompt reply and encouraging feedback. I certainly feel I'm improving and gaining confidence both with my camera knowledge and my ability to take an interesting photo. I will certainly make sure to ask more questions when I get stuck rather than procrastinate! Kind regards from a very happy student.

Amber K, WA
Beginners Digital Photography

This course was absolutely fantastic. It has given me enough knowledge to self-learn from here on. The tutor, in particular, was excellent. He encouraged me to excel and at the same time corrected me and gave me another perspective. I really enjoyed this course. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to take up a hobby or start in the field. With me, Ijust turned my passion into a profession. Oh, and I am already enrolled in the advanced course.

David Ewing Author and Tutor
Beginners and Advanced

The way I approached writing my photography courses was by writing content that I wish I was taught when I studied photography.  I know what you really need to understand to be able to produce the images you want, so this is what I put in my courses.  It is my students work that speaks for the success of the course and put simply, I just love teaching and seeing people being able to express them selves visually.

Advanced Digital Photography

That’s it ! …I finally made it to the end.  It has been an amazing journey, looking back to where I started to where I am now.  Thank you, for looking after this course and all the feedback you put in to each and every assignment, it certainly makes a difference.  I have yet to really make any sort of career in photography yet, I still find it hard to head in the one direction.  Since coming back from Malaysia, I have found starting out again difficult at times; the amount of photographers or mums with cameras out here is staggering.  I think I would like to head into more food/commercial photography, it just means working out some marketing.
Anyway .. This was just a short note to say thank you.

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