Understanding DSLR Cameras

Certificate in Photography for Beginners

In the first tutorial Understanding DSLR Cameras we embark upon an exciting journey, probably one you have wanted to take for a long time.  Starting from the beginning we look at cameras and what one will suit your needs.  I often give students personal advice when it comes to purchasing their DSLR camera, with the massive variety these days it pays to ask before you buy.  No previous experience is needed to study this course as I start from the beginning explaining fundamental terms and prepare you for the coming tutorials where you will learn how to manually control your exposure.

  • Selecting the right camera for you.
  • Understand what specifications are important in a digital camera.
  • The fundamental differences between a digital SLR and a point and shoot digital camera.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different models of digital cameras.
  • Confidently walk into a camera store and know what to look for without being taken for a ride by the salesman.
  • Researching on the internet and find accurate up to the minute information of specific digital camera models.
  • Looking at the essential photographic terminology.
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