Advanced Lighting and Essential Equipment

Advanced Certificate in Photography

It can be really exciting to buy new photographic equipment but can be a costly experience especially if you purchase lenses that won’t do what you need them to.  I often give personal advise to students buying cameras and lenses.  It doesn’t need to be that expensive when you know what suits your shooting style and when you can understand the best gear for your needs.  Lots of practical tips and tricks in this tutorial particularly in the lighting section.  Lightning is far more important than your gear, let me ask you if you think a carpenter builds a better house with a more expensive hammer or a better understanding of their craft?

  • The Right Lenses.
  • Fish Eye and Wide-Angle Lenses.
  • Standard and Portrait Lenses.
  • Telephoto lenses and dealing with camera shake.
  • Teleconverters and extension tubes.
  • Professional Lenses.
  • Prime and Zoom Lenses.
  • What lenses are right for you?
  • Buying second hand lenses and what to look for.
  • Advanced lighting and shooting products.
  • Three point lighting and shooting portraits.
  • Advanced Location lighting.
  • Artificial lighting equipment (studio flash).
  • Using Soft boxes.
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