Professional Photography Shoots Exposed

Advanced Certificate in Photography

In this tutorial Professional Photography Shoots Exposed I expose to you what goes on in a professional photography shoot and how to best approach it.  I remember being armed with my camera and bursting with enthusiasm but just could not get a foot in the door and see how a professional photography shoot operated.  Getting assisting experience is so important when starting out and I understand this first hand.  Although its been over 20 years since I was in this situation I know what it is like and approach my courses in light of this.

  • An in-depth look inside professional advertising photography shoots.  We use published images and explain how they were lit and shot.
  • More Lighting set ups alongside the image taken and explained.
  • Before and after shots of the raw image to the final retouched image.
  • Interpret and respond to a client brief for a professional shoot.
  • Prepare a professional Shooting Schedule.
  • Plan and execute a professional location/studio shoot.
  • Critiquing your own photography, independently review your own imagery to select your best shot.
  • Submit final product to client for approval.
  • Prepare and submit client invoices for finished work from accepted quotations.
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