Self Promotion, Getting Clients and Freelancing

Advanced Certificate in Photography

Self Promotion, Getting Clients and Freelancing is a very important tutorial where you will gain skills to succeed. ¬†Having excellent skills as a photographer is one thing but to earn the money back you have invested in your education and equipment, people are going to need to know who you are, what you can do and how to find you. ¬†It is very different to working for someone else being a freelancer, being motivated and disciplined is certainly necessary as there isn’t anyone else that will tap you on your shoulder, you are your own boss and must push yourself to succeed, and you will!

  • Finding clients.
  • Working closely with clients.
  • How to Retain clients.
  • Offering incentives to your potential and existing clients.
  • When is it time to Start to Charge for your photography?
  • How to gauge what to charge your clients when you are starting out.
  • Setting up a pricing structure for prints, folios and cds.
  • Invoicing and Quoting.
  • Running your own successful small business.
  • You are your own boss you need to stay motivated, setting yourself goals.
  • Why having initiative and confidence reaps rewards.
  • Expanding your business through the power of word of mouth.
  • The importance of Networking.
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