Using Raw and Customising your Camera

Advanced Certificate in Photography

Using Raw and Customising your Camera is the first in an exciting line up of tutorials.  Being able to use your equipment quickly is so important and customisation allows you to to this.  For example, you are shooting real estate exteriors and this is done at dusk.  The time frame or window of opportunity to complete this is only around 20 minutes.  To shoot several angles you must move very quickly or you will miss the light so by customising certain features you can easily capture all the images (achieved by shooting many bracketed exposures covered in tutorial 4 HDR).

  • Course Introduction
  • Why Customising features on your digital camera is an advantage.
  • How to get the highest quality images from your Digital Camera.
  • How and why to Shoot in Raw format and Raw file management and conversion. (Video)
  • The Non-Deconstructive editing Workflow.
  • How to Enlarge your images using Interpolation plugins. (Video)
  • How to send large amounts of images via FTP, (File transfer Protocol).
  • How to get the maximum exposure on the Internet,
  • Website hosting and domain names explained.
  • Purchasing a website template.
  • Getting higher rankings on Google and other popular search engines (SEO).
  • How to build your portfolio and best represent your work,
  • How to get people to photograph,
  • How to shoot stunning models for free and TFP explained.
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