Photoshop tutor is now live

Photoshop tutor now live
Photoshop tutor now live

My new website photoshop tutor is now live.  I have released my new website featuring a Photoshop Tutor blog that offers techniques that will help anyone interested in learning Photoshop.  If you are studying a photography course and need help with your retouching or if you are studying any digital media course I can help you.  I have been teaching Photoshop to graphic design students as well as photography students for over 5 years.  I have many fun and easy to follow tutorials to help you understand how the program works and how you can apply it to your own work flow.  I am working on the blog making tutorials aimed towards current students as revision, however these are great resources for anyone interested in the program.  Have a look as this will help show you how and what i am teaching.

I can teach you at my home office or if you are not in Melbourne we can do it via screen sharing so your location is not an issue.

Have a look for some more information directly from the site.

Photoshop Tutor.